About Me

I've worn a ton of different hats: writer, developer, infrastructure engineer and marketer. Over the years I've crafted the ability to build my own products and communicate effectively, obsessing about new ideas in my spare time and learning in every spare moment (who needs sleep?).

My days are spent full-time freelance, with my recent clients including Intercom, Hubspot, Clearbit, IKEA, Space10, DigitalOcean, Emojipedia, The Next Web, The Verge and HP. Work for them has involved writing both code and copy, often in tandem, to provide a world-class user experience.

In a previous not-freelance life, I worked as Editor at The Next Web, with my posts reaching more than one million unique viewers each month. Most recently, I was the Director of Digital at VanMoof in Amsterdam where I grew the company's online revenue into the multi-millions and successfully launched the brand into foreign markets, including Japan.

Since 2013, I've been sending a weekly technology newsletter called Charged that's delivered to 20,000+ people and started a podcast that over 200,000 people have listened to.

In late 2017, I launched re:Charged, a paid daily briefing alongside Charged, which now reached 300 daily subscribers, built on top of a custom application for a fantastic reading experience.

As an avid developer, I've used a lot of cool tech like Craft CMS, Javascript, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt, PHP, Heroku and Amazon Web Services – you name it – but I'm really great at explaining complex technical topics to people, and using those skills to reach people across industries regardless of background.

If you'd like to chat, work with me, meet up, or just say hi, I'd love to hear from you: get in touch.