How to Start Up a bicycle

I wrote the story of VanMoof for Offscreen Magazine, capturing how the company is reinventing itself as a technology startup and the journey so far.

Intercom on starting up

I worked closely with the Intercom editorial teams on its first print book 'Intercom on Starting Up.' This project involved editing, writing original content, research and distilling Intercom's existing knowledge into readable chapters.

Conversational interfaces aren’t new, but they’re changing the game

Conversational interfaces, like Facebook Messenger bots, feel like they're out of science fiction... but their dirty little secret is that we've been trying to perfect them since the 1980's. Here's an exploration of why conversational interfaces are booming now, and why it's important to not miss out.

The state of blogging, content marketing and online publishing in 2016

In a world where everyone wants to have a blog, how do you make your content stand out? I took a look at the state of content in 2016, and how hard it is (ironically) to make something that stands out. The world of blogging and content creation has changed, and here's a good look at why.

How design is being transformed by things we can’t see

How can we design interfaces when there's nothing to actually see? An exploration for IKEA/Space10 of designing invisible user experiences, like those you might find on voice assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for

Apple's new MacBook Pro isn't really for anyone. An opinion piece I wrote, which gathered more than 1 million views in just one week.

Apple’s plan to kill the hamburger menu

Apple's secret new weapon to kill those awful hamburger menus in apps: 3D Touch. The new technology lets you push a little harder on your screen to reveal extra actions – and it might just change the game.

How I fixed my Wi-Fi by ditching shitty consumer hardware

It was hard to get Wi-Fi working in my apartment, so I spent a lot of time researching a solution. I came to Ubiquiti, which fixed my problems, so I wrote about my experience for The Next Web.

Everyone’s wrong about Apple Watch. Here’s why.

Technology media has been using the one-year anniversary of the Apple Watch to air grievances about the wearable – but I think they're wrong.

Meet the first beautiful electric bike – that’s connected to the internet

Hands-on with a beautiful Amsterdam-made electric bike that could just change the way we think about commuting – and make electric bikes desirable.

Microsoft finally loves open source

An interview with npm co-founder Isaac Schlueter on how Microsoft is embracing open-source for the first time. I wrote this at a pivotal time for Microsoft – the company was going through a significant overhaul, and opening up more than it ever had in the past.

How I cleared my mind and became less stressed: deleting all my apps

It's easy to let our smartphones dictate our day, but I decided to flip it all on its head: deleting all of my apps. I found clarity, focus and a whole lot more with this experiment, which continues to this day.

Twitter’s problem isn’t the timeline, it’s that signing up isn't great

An analysis of where Twitter is really bleeding users: its poor onboarding process.

Lenovo busted installing spyware on new PCs

I broke the story that Lenovo was installing shady security-breaking software on all its new laptops.

The new MacBook is my dream machine

I reviewed the new ultra-thin Apple MacBook and was surprised by what I found: a computer that was perfect for almost everything.

Nexus 6P review: Google tempts away this iPhone owner

The Nexus 6P was a watershed moment for Google, just before it pivoted to building its own phones, and the company has finally delivered a phone worthy of the Nexus name. A long-form review, by me.