2016 - 2017

Managing e-commerce platform development, VanMoof SmartBike app development, backend systems and online marketing content -- including hiring + building teams from scratch. My role at VanMoof spanned all of digital systems and entailed building out a digital marketing strategy alongside the marketing team, bringing software development in-house from agencies and architechting a future platform plan.

In my time at VanMoof I grew online revenue six times, launched the brand in two new countries including Japan and helped bring software development in-house for the first time.


2013 - 2016

Telling stories about the people behind technology, writing the news and breaking down complex topics, like Node.js, to appeal to wider audiences.

I developed original stories that reached more than 1 million people monthly, and maintained contacts across the industry in this role to have access to the right people -- and helped manage the design and implementation of a more performant, usable site for our readers over the last six months.

In that time we deployed a new design and decreased load times by more than fifty percent by integrating page load time testing into our continuous deployment workflow, so that developers were aware of the impact that any of their changes were making.


2013 - 2014

Developing marketing strategy and executing it autonomously, reaching out to developers and coding our marketing site. Hoist was a startup focused on developers so this role involved being actively involved in the community and learning what people needed from us so we could cater to the market effectively.

In my role I used Node.js, Express, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely, Crazyegg and other analytic tools to rapidly iterate on our marketing strategy in real time by creating landing pages, analysing the data and deploying the winning result.


2012 - 2013

At Xero I was a part of the core infrastructure team that scaled the platform to 1 million concurrent users. I supported the product developers to debug issues on the platform, optimize performance and deploy the latest code in real-time.

Using Powershell and Puppet we scripted out tasks across hundreds of servers and deployed complex applications with minimal downtime. This role also entailed creating project proposals, timelines and strategies, then implementing them as part of a team, and required on-call 24x7 work.


2010 - 2013

At Fronde I was a consultant deploying large-scale projects for companies around New Zealand. In my time there, I worked with clients such as the utility provider Transpower/EMS to implement nationwide systems to support the electricity network, deployed cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services for government and private clients as well as configuring Google Search Appliances.