Hello, Toronto!

The last two months have been consumed by moving country–getting settled in and setting up a house is one thing, but finding furniture and things you like to decorate it is way harder than expected!

We’ve been lucky enough to have friends from Amsterdam that moved here before us, so we’ve gotten a chance to go adventuring up at the lakes and haven’t been completely without a network yet. Still, it’s interesting starting from scratch again and not knowing many people to reach out to. 😅

Back to work

I’ve officially started at Shopify now and we’re already knee-deep in making the world better with words for the developer experience there. As a coincedence, I’m hiring a content strategist for my team, so join me!

What even is a routine?

The hardest thing about moving country is the total routine reset. I don’t really have a set schedule yet like I did at home, and I’m trying to find the best times to send my newsletters, let alone things like heading to the gym, reading time, or general logging off. But hey, life takes a bit of time to get back to normal, I guess.

Random recommendations

I haven’t had time for much lately, but if you haven’t played the Untitled Goose Game yet, you’re missing out.