What I do

I work across writing disciplines.

Let's work together! If you've got a great project that seems like a fit, say hello anyway. I like new stuff too.



I can help you create content, or the strategy surrounding it, that does your brand justice.

Product marketing

If it's help with launching something new or revitalizing something old, I can get your product in front of people.

UX Writing

Let your interface speak. I can help you write beautiful UX copy that does your design justice.

Strategy and more

A content framework, workshop, or just a strategy for building out your own team? Let's talk, I can help.

What my clients say

β€œOwen helped me with in-app marketing on a new product and absolutely blew it out of the park. It's very liberating when you can add a copywriter to your @github account and start seeing commits fly in. Bloody rare that is!”

Say hello.

I'm currently working full-time for Shopify in Victoria, British Coumbia, so I'm not taking on new freelance clients. But, I'm always interested in new ideas or hearing what you're working on, so say hello.