Hi, I'm Owen 👋

I'm a technologist with experience wearing different hats, as a writer, developer, engineer and marketer.

Because I've been in the trenches as a developer *and* writer, I know all about the tech that matters, like Node.JS, PHP, Heroku, AWS, GCP and more. That positions me perfectly to build both marketing and technical strategy for growth.

Today, I run my own business and help great teams get to their potential. I work with product teams to help build the UX writing discipline, and with startups on taking their brand to the world.



I run my own business. It started with Charged in 2013, a weekly newsletter delivered to 15,000 people.

Today, it's also a paid daily service with 400 members and I deliver it Tuesday - Friday mornings. Oh, and helping people like you, too.


Right now, I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands with my partner and our fluffy scottish-straight cat, since 2015.

I spent the better part of my life in Wellington, New Zealand, one of my favorite places in the world. We invented the flat white there.


When I'm not working, I love to read, bake and hike. I'm a little obsessed with finding new music, too.

I'm an avid Twitter user, and joined the service in 2008. I didn't get my short username until much later, but that's a story for in person.


Founder / Freelancer (Charged)

I help brands with copy, strategy and more, as a for-hire resource. Working with a group of companies in every stage to help them get the most from their resources, and grow products with great copy.

Digital Director (VanMoof)

Built the engineering organization from the ground, moving app + web development in-house. Responsible for managing the engineering team, building out a digital strategy, and launching the brand into new countries online.

Editor (The Next Web)

Telling stories about the people behind technology, writing news and breaking down complex topics for wide audiences. Managed implementation of performance-focused overhaul of the site, slashing loading times 60 percent.

Head of marketing / growth (Hoist)

Developing marketing strategy and executing it autonomously, reaching out to developers and coding our marketing site. Use wide range of analytics tools (Mixpanel, Crazyegg, Google Analytics) to iterate in real-time on strategy.

Infrastructure/Devops Engineer (Xero)

Engineer on critical infrastructure team responsible for scaling the platform to millions of users. Supported product team to debug issues on the platform, optimized performance and built out a deployment pipeline for high availability.

Side projects


Custom-engineered platform for building your community, and getting paid for your work.

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Paid morning technology briefing and community, without clickbait or advertising.

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Call Me Maybe📱

Phone calls are disruptive and archaic. Screen your calls, get a SMS with the reason to talk.

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A tech podcast with a difference. Three hosts, casual conversations about the state of the industry.

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Let's make something great.

I work closely with a small handful of companies, so I can give your brand the attention it needs.

If you're looking for words, marketing, or something in between, say hello! I'm always looking for a great fit.