It’s been a year

Time flies, even in a pandemic: it’s been a year since I moved to Toronto now, and a year at Shopify as well. A lot has happened, but much of this year was spent at home thanks to, y’know, the fact that it’s not safe to do much else.

Thankfully, Canada has handled itself relatively well in the face of a pandemic, and we were able to enjoy a summer outdoors, camping and exploring Ontario. It’s also starting to feel like home, finally.

We’re working on permanent residency in Canada after getting an invitation to apply, which was a bright spot in the mess of lockdown – but now the name of the game is drowning in paperwork to sort that out.

Things are good, if a little weird given the global situation, but I’m thankful to have a job I enjoy, where I get to work with super smart people every day. Maybe I’ll get better at writing these more often, eventually.